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Red Rover Rodent Removal is a wildlife removal company operating in the Dallas – Fort Worth area for over 15 years. Our services help you get rid of various wild animals and will return your home back to its original state.

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If you are currently facing wildlife problems, you should contact us today. You can reach us by calling (214) 471-5002, or sending us an email at We also have a contact form that you can fill out on this page.

We are always eager to hear about your problems, so that we can help you solve them. So don’t hesitate to contact us!

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At Red Rover Rodent Removal, we are confident we have the ability to meet any of your needs. You should contact us and describe the problem, so that we can provide you with customized solutions.

Services Offered

We offer numerous services to remove common nuisance wildlife from your home. These include:

Raccoon Removal:

We will remove any raccoons in your attic, under a shed, or elsewhere in your home. We often use exclusion to ensure the raccoon kits remain with their mother.

Squirrel Removal:

We will force squirrels in your chimney, attic, or yard to leave. We will also help you prevent these animals from returning in the future by taking preventative measures.

Bat Removal:

We will remove any bats in your attic, walls, or chimney. We will also help solve any remaining problems related to sanitation and prevention.

Opossum Removal:

We will remove all opossums living in your attic, under your shed, or under your porch. We will also help you take preventative measures.

Bird Control:

We will stop birds from landing on your roof, ruining your garden, and entering your chimney.

Rodent Control:

This is what we specialize in, and we will help solve all your rat or mouse problems. We will remove these rodents from your attic, garage, or inside your walls. We will also help you take preventative measures to stop these animals from returning in the future.

Our Customer's Happy Stories

We are overwhelmed with generous words from our clients.

Kat Maze
“James was amazing — super nice and professional. I had a squirrel fall down my roof vent for my stove vent hood. When Dallas Animal Control and other pest control companies said they couldn’t help - James listened, came out to my home, explained all the options and scenarios and helped make a setup that would allow the squirrel to escape. Highly recommend calling James for any and all rodent/critter issues you have.” —
Satisfied Customer
Mike Edwards
“James is dependable, follows up as scheduled and gets the job done. I use him for my businesses and he is very knowledgeable and doesn't give up until he finds a solution to your problem. Bottom line is I trust him to do what is needed and do it for a fair price.” —
Satisfied Customer
Blake Burkhardt
“Been using James for a few years now. Great guy, does a really good job, knows his craft, always happy to answer questions and go the extra mile.” —
Satisfied Customer

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