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We’ve seen it in movies, heard about it from our neighbors and parents and you may even have the problem yourself — Raccoons going through your trash for food, leaving plastic, paper towels, food and your yard a complete mess. 

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We would love to hear from you and also discuss any thing about a project. Get in touch also if you have the queries and we will get back to you soon.

How To Reach Us?

Here at Red Rover Rodent Removal, we are always eager to speak to our customers to help them solve their wildlife problems. That is why we are available through multiple means — by telephone, email, and contact forms.

  • Telephone: Call us at (214) 471-5002‬
  • Email: Send us an email at
  • Contact Form: You can also fill out the contact form available on this page to hear back from us as soon as possible.

Where Are We Located?

Our business is located in the heart of the communities and people we wish to help. The proximity helps us quickly reach you in the event of an emergency, as well as to ensure we spend most of our time improving the lives of our customers instead of commuting.

You can find us at 5665 Arapaho Rd, Dallas, Texas 75248.

What Areas Do We Service?

Our business provides its services to all the residents of the Dallas – Fort Worth area, which is also where we are located. Be sure to contact us if you live in this location, because we provide a free inspection.

Why Contact Us?

As a professional wildlife removal company, we seek to help our customers solve their wildlife problems. Our primary mission is to provide effective, reliable, and affordable wildlife removal services to all the residents of the Dallas – Fort Worth area.

That is why we help you address a number of animal problems, such as:

  • Raccoons in your attic, under your porch, or elsewhere with our raccoon removal services.
  • Squirrels in your chimney, attic, or in your yard with our squirrel removal services.
  • Bats in the attic, chimney, or walls with our bat removal services.
  • Opossums in the attic, under the porch, or in your yard with our opossum removal services.
  • Birds in your chimney, in your lawn, or on your roof with our bird control services.
  • Rats and mice in your attic, basement, walls, or anywhere else with our rodent control services.

We will also provide post-removal services to return your home back to its original state. These include:

  • Finding and repairing damaged wires, pipes, and walls to prevent safety hazards and prevent future infestations with our wild animal damage repairs.
  • Removing, cleaning, and sanitizing animal waste in order to eliminate any undesirable scents with our sanitation and odor elimination services.
  • Removing and replacing insulation that has been contaminated or damaged by wildlife with the aid of our attic restoration services.

We have over 15 years of experience in wildlife removal, so we are confident that we can fulfill your needs.

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Our services help solve your wildlife problem, saving you from the health hazards and discomforts of these animals. By hiring professionals, you save yourself plenty of time and effort that could otherwise be better spent doing the things you enjoy.

So if you have a wildlife problem, be sure to contact Red Rover Rodent Removal today! You can call us at (214) 471-5002‬, email us at, or fill out the contact form to get a free inspection.