Attic Restoration

There’s still a lot of work to be done once you remove rodents, raccoons, or bats from your attic. These animals leave behind a big mess, damaging your home and leading to health risks.

Attic restoration solves this problem. It is the process of reverting your attic to its original state, before the wildlife infestation. This is not a simple or easy process, and it requires specialized equipment. Make sure you contact professionals like Red Rover Rodent Removal for attic restoration.

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What Problems Does Attic Restoration Solve?

When animals enter your attic, they cause the following problems:

  • Damaged insulation. All sorts of animals destroy your insulation. They either contaminate it with their waste or shred it for nesting material. This increases your heating and cooling bills because your home can’t maintain its temperature without insulation.
  • Chewed wires. Wildlife chews through wires. These damaged items increase the risk of electrocution and fire.
  • Odor problems. Wild animals leave their waste in your home, which causes odor problems.
  • Health risks. Even if the animals are gone, their waste is still dangerous. It can spread several diseases and parasites like leptospirosis, salmonella, histoplasmosis, roundworms, and fleas.

What Does Attic Restoration Involve?

Attic restoration is a difficult process that requires specialized equipment. Do not attempt this yourself.

Each case will be different, but the general steps are the following:

  1. Remove waste. The first step of the process is to carefully remove all animal waste. This includes droppings and nesting material. This clears the area for future steps.
  2. Remove old insulation. If the insulation is damaged, contaminated, or otherwise in need of replacement, then it will need to be removed. This is done with special respirators because many homes still contain asbestos insulation which can damage the lungs.
  3. Disinfect the area. Once the insulation has been removed, it is time to disinfect the area. Sanitation is often done using bacterial digesters and enzymatic disinfectants. These cleaning liquids are able to remove and clean waste that is too small to be seen and to get rid of any remaining infectious material.
  4. Repair attic. Once the attic has been cleaned, it is time to repair it. This involves finding and repairing all torn wires, damaged ducts, and new crevices. This prevents further damage to your home and can block wild animals from entering your attic in the future.
  5. Install new insulation. After the attic is repaired, it is time to install the new insulation. The kind of insulation will depend on your needs.

Once this is done, your attic will be as good as new. You can then continue using it as before.

Call Red Rover Rodent Removal

If you’re facing a wildlife problem, you should consider calling a professional. Experts will help you remove the animal, and they can provide useful services such as attic restoration and odor control.

Red Rover Rodent Removal has over 15 years of experience operating in the Dallas – Fort Worth area. If you are currently facing a wildlife problem, be sure to call us at (214) 471-5002‬‬ to schedule a free inspection.