Wild Animal Damage Repairs

When dealing with wild animals, the primary concern is to remove them as quickly as possible. The animals are often dangerous, carry several diseases, and will spread if you don’t stop them. That is why it’s crucial to remove these animals as quickly as possible.

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Sealing Entries

Once the animal is gone, you should consider how it entered your home or business. Unless you seal these entries, other animals will quickly replace the ones you removed, and you will have to repeat the entire process all over again.

But it’s important to recognize that a lot of important work happens after the animal is removed. Sealing entries and repairing damage happens once the wildlife is gone. These steps should not be ignored as they are crucial to preventing future wildlife infestations.


1. Fences

A fence is often the first barrier that wildlife encounters, so it’s important to make this as secure as possible. If your fence has wood rot or small gaps, it will be abused by animals to find its way into your yard. From there, they can quickly find a way indoors.

2. Walls

The elements and time can both damage a home, especially if you don’t perform regular maintenance. Damage can then manifest in the form of small cracks and crevices in your walls.

These openings may seem small and inconsequential to you, but keep in mind that rodents can squeeze themselves through the tiniest of gaps. You should keep an eye out for anything at all.

3. Vents

Sometimes there is an issue with the building’s vents. They may be damaged and have an exposed opening or the screen that protects it could have a hole or be missing. You should keep a close eye out for these vents and repair them as needed.

4. Roof

Some animals can climb, jump, or fly their way to your roof — like squirrels, raccoons, and bats. They can then use any loose shingles, wood rot, or crevices to make their way inside. So make sure you inspect the roof and repair it as needed.

5. Chimney

Another common entry point is the chimney. Sometimes the chimney top is damaged, or perhaps you are missing a cap. It is important to repair the chimney and replace the cap as soon as possible because wildlife in the chimney is a serious fire hazard.

Repairing Damage

Animals often damage parts of the building after they enter. This may be to gather nesting material, like raccoons shredding insulation. Or it may be a natural habit, such as rodents chewing on wires or pipes.

Regardless of the reason, this damage costs you money and puts you and the building in danger. It is very important that you repair this damage as soon as possible.

1. Insulation

Insulation is the material that maintains the building’s internal temperature throughout the year. When this is damaged, it will cost you more to heat or cool the area. That is why you should replace and repair any contaminated or damaged insulation as soon as possible.

This is not something you should attempt yourself, especially since asbestos-based insulation is a serious health hazard and requires specialized equipment to safely repair. You should contact a professional to replace your insulation.

2. Wires

Wires provide your building and different machinery with electricity. Once they’ve been damaged, they pose a serious risk. Not only can frayed wires electrocute someone, but they can also start a fire.

It is important you find and repair or replace all the damaged wires in the building after you remove wild animals.

3. Pipes

Rodents are known to gnaw on pipes. Over time, this damages pipes and leads to water leaks. These leaks can do untold amounts of damage to the building, so it is important to find, repair, and reinforce pipes as needed.

Call Red Rover Rodent Removal

Wild animal removal is difficult, but what comes after can be even more daunting. It is difficult, time-consuming, and dangerous. That is why you should contact a professional to handle the issue.

We at Red Rover Rodent Removal offer our services in the Dallas – Fort Worth area. Not only can we remove your wildlife problem, but we can also help repair related damage afterward. Be sure to call us at (214) 471-5002‬‬ to schedule a free inspection.