Bat Removal in Dallas – Fort Worth

Bats in the belfry isn’t just a funny saying. It can be a serious problem for your home and no one who has bats in their attic finds it a laughing matter. If you have one bat in the attic, odds are you have 20 or more. 

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Effective Bat Removal

Bats can be very problematic wild animals. These winged mammals often take up residence in a person’s home, where they form colonies with dozens of other bats.

These animals leave a lot of guano near where they live, which is very dangerous. Not only can the corrosive substance damage the items it lands on, but it also gives off a terrible scent.

To make matters worse, bats are a common carrier of rabies and histoplasmosis (a fungus that damages the lungs), so you should quickly remove them if you find them in your home.

How To Remove Bats?

With most wildlife, you can use a number of different techniques to successfully remove them. However, bats should only be removed using exclusion techniques.

The main reason is that it is illegal to kill or trap bats in many places. Meaning exclusion is often the only option.

How To Exclude Bats?

To exclude bats, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Find all entrances used by the bats. These can be as small as one inch.
  2. Seal all of these entrances except for one.
  3. Install a one-way door on this last entrance. This allows bats to leave at night but stops them from returning.
  4. Wait for a few days as the bats slowly leave.
  5. Seal the final entrance.

Once you have done this, your home should be bat free.


It is strongly recommended that you call a professional to remove bats. Bat removal is difficult, because of how small these animals are. It is also very dangerous because of the diseases they carry.

In addition to all of that, you need to be cautious of bat pups and you should avoid removing bats if it is during their weaning season. This is because bats only have one pup a year and they are endangered animals, so you need to be very careful when removing bats.

bat removal exclusion by red rover rodent removal in dallas texas

How To Clean The Area After Bats?

After you remove the bats, there is still a lot of work left to be done. This is because a lot of the problems with bats stem from their guano, which is full of the fungus that causes histoplasmosis. So it is important to properly clean up after a bat nest.

1. Use Protective Equipment

If you want to clean up the area yourself, you should take the right precautions and wear complete protective equipment. This includes N95 respirators, rubber gloves, and boots.

You should also dispose of anything that is contaminated while cleaning.

2. Use Enzymatic Cleaners

These cleaners use enzymes to eat through the guano particles that are too small to be seen. By using these, you can remove bat droppings from anywhere and fully get rid of the scent and the dangerous fungus they carry.

3. Replace Insulation

Your home’s insulation is often damaged when bats enter and form a colony. It is important that you dispose of and replace this insulation, as it will be contaminated or damaged.

Call Red Rover Rodent Removal

Bat removal is a difficult and dangerous process, so it is recommended that you contact a professional for removal and sanitation processes.

Red Rover Rodent Removal services the Dallas – Fort Worth area, so call us at (214) 471-5002‬‬ to schedule a free inspection.