Opossum Removal in Dallas Texas

We’ve seen it in movies, heard about it from our neighbors and parents and you may even have the problem yourself — Raccoons going through your trash for food, leaving plastic, paper towels, food and your yard a complete mess. 

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How To Remove Opossums?

Opossums are a common nuisance problem. They carry diseases like leptospirosis, salmonella, and tuberculosis. They also carry fleas and other parasites. For these reasons, you should quickly work to remove opossums before they hurt you or your household.

1. Repellents

Repellents are a very attractive option, as they are both low-cost and humane.

Some home-remedy repellents include mothballs, ammonia, and urine-based deterrents. With the advance in technology, we are also seeing some innovative solutions like ultrasonic sound emitters.

Unfortunately, repellents do not work. They need to be constantly reapplied, animals quickly grow used to them, and they fail to solve the underlying issue. That is why you should contact a professional instead.

2. Poison And Shooting

When facing this problem, it is tempting to use poison or to shoot the opossum to quickly solve the issue.

Poison may seem like a good idea, but it isn’t effective against animals as big as an opossum. Even if the poison kills the opossum, the animal will typically die in a wall or under a shed. The corpse will then release a terrible smell that will attract other pests.

Opossums are also protected by law in many areas, so you may need a license before you are allowed to poison or shoot them. If you choose to follow this route, you should contact the local authorities to fill in the necessary paperwork.

3. Traps

Traps are the best way of removing opossums. It is both humane and effective, which is why most professionals choose to trap the animals.

Timing is crucial when placing traps, and you should place them before the opossum breeding season in the winter. You can also improve your chances by using apples as bait.

After you have trapped the opossums, you should relocate them a few miles away from your home. But make sure that trapping and relocating opossums are permitted in your area.

You should also keep an eye out for any opossum children (joeys) when trapping the mother.

How To Prevent Opossums?

While removing the opossum, you should take preventative measures to stop any wildlife from entering your home in the future.

1. Seal Entries

Opossums often get into your home through broken vents, damaged screens, holes in the foundation, and gaps in the wall or fence. Make sure these are sealed and repaired to stop animals getting inside.

2. Remove Food

If you have pets, you should avoid feeding pets outside. You should also clean up after the animals eat. This stops the smell from attracting wildlife.

If you like to barbecue often, you should clean the grill after every use. The scent sticks to the grill and attracts opossums.

The most important step of all is to secure your garbage. Make sure you have an animal-proof container that keeps the smell inside and the animals outside.

3. Install A Fence

If you don’t have a fence around your home, it is recommended that you install one that is at least 4 foot high. You should also add an outward angle on top of this fence, as it makes it more difficult for opossums to climb.

Call Red Rover Rodent Removal

Opossum removal is difficult and time-consuming. It is recommended you call a professional to solve the issue.

Red Rover Rodent Removal offers excellent opossum removal services in the Dallas – Fort Worth area, so call us at (214) 471-5002‬‬ to schedule a free inspection.