5 Benefits of Professional Squirrel Removal

Trying to evict squirrels yourself often ends in frustration, recurring infestations, and even injury. Hiring professional squirrel removal experts offers important advantages:

1. Humane Trapping Methods

Licensed technicians use humane trapping strategies that minimize stress on squirrels. Reputable companies won’t use body-gripping traps which can maim squirrels. Experts lure squirrels into live cages with bait, avoiding trauma of harsher traps. This prevents orphaning dependent young as well, since adults are freed to continue caring for their offspring once relocated.

2. Thorough Exclusion of Entry Points

Only professional equipment and trained inspection skills can fully identify and seal off all the ways squirrels enter your home. Amateur DIY exclusion attempts usually miss major entry points that allow squirrels to return. Contractors know how squirrels think and where to look for common breaches. Their arsenal of metal mesh, concrete, durable sealants, and gnaw-proof materials will permanently exclude squirrels.

3. Prevention of Severe Property Damage

If left unchecked, thriving squirrel colonies can cause shocking levels of property destruction by chewing through drywall, insulation, electrical wiring, and more. This leads to costly structural repairs and safety issues like fire hazards from damaged electrical work. Trained professionals stop this in its tracks by forcing squirrels out quickly and securely sealing entryways behind them. Don’t let things get out of hand – hiring pros promptly prevents exponential damage.

4. Humane Squirrel Relocation

Responsible contractors don’t kill captured squirrels. They humanely transport them to suitable rural release sites where the animals have access to food, shelter, and low traffic to thrive. Companies who simply exterminate squirrels onsite should raise ethical concerns. Ensure whoever you hire practices humane relocation protocols.

5. Proper Cleanup and Sanitation

After squirrels are excluded, considerable health hazards remain from their nesting debris, droppings, and parasites. Reputable removal pros are trained to completely sanitize and deodorize attics and other infested areas to make your home livable again. Don’t risk contamination – let the experts handle cleanup thoroughly.

When debating DIY vs. professional squirrel removal, the pros overwhelmingly stack up in favor of hiring experts. Don’t play guessing games with amateur exclusion efforts or risk diseases handling squirrels yourself. Partner with seasoned professionals for safe, ethical, and permanent results.