Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Squirrel Removal Company

Before hiring any contractors, it pays to ask the right questions to ensure you choose reputable, experienced squirrel removal professionals. Important things to ask include:

Are you licensed for wildlife control in my state and locality?

Proper licensing proves companies have met training standards and comply with regulations around humane animal handling. A license should be mandatory.

What are your specific squirrel trapping and exclusion methods?

Insist on humane cage traps, never dangerous body-gripping traps which can maim squirrels. Also ask about one-way exclusion doors to let them out before sealing entryways. Beware any company that simply exterminates squirrels found inside.

How do you seal entry points? What materials are used?

Quality contractors specify metal mesh, concrete, durable sealants, and steel wool to thoroughly squirrel-proof openings. DIY plastic sheeting or foam won’t withstand squirrels’ gnawing and persists.

Do you offer any sort of guarantee if squirrels return?

Established companies often provide warranties covering return visits and re-sealing breaches should any squirrels recur. This demonstrates faith in their exclusion effectiveness.

Will you clean and sanitize the areas previously occupied by squirrels?

Sanitizing contaminated areas is critical for safety and odor removal. Disinfecting should be standard procedure, not an added cost.

Do you make repairs to damage caused by squirrels?

Fixing chewed drywall, damaged insulation, compromised wiring, and other destruction caused during infestations should be part of their service.

What will you do with the removed squirrels?

No responsible remover simply exterminates the animals they trap. Ensure they relocate squirrels humanely to appropriate rural habitats free from human interference.

Can you provide references from past clients?

Reputable companies will gladly provide client references and testimonials backing up their expertise. This builds trust in their experience and professionalism.

Vet any potential squirrel removal contractor thoroughly before you hire. Asking the right questions upfront ensures you get the best service safely and effectively.