Why It’s Important to Remove Squirrels from Your Attic

Many homeowners tolerate squirrels in their attics as harmless and leave them be. However, allowing squirrels to inhabit your attic poses numerous hazards and risks costing far more than removal:

Fire Hazards from Damaged Electrical Wiring

Chewing on electrical wiring exposes live current to ignition risks. This can easily cause electrical shorts, sparks, and fires within walls that rapidly spread. Rodents are a major cause of residential fires. Squirrels gnaw through wires much thicker than mice can.

Ruined Insulation, HVAC Systems, and Possessions

Sharp squirrel claws compress and contaminate insulation, reducing its R-value. Urine and droppings ruin HVAC systems by spreading particles when ducts cycle. Your stored personal possessions get ruined as squirrels use the materials for nest building.

Structural Damage from Burrows

Incessant gnawing and clawing damages support beams, decking, and other structural components in attics. Squirrels burrow through insulation to access hidden areas. The result can be catastrophic collapses.

Disease Transmission Through Feces

Squirrel droppings contain bacteria including Salmonella, E. coli, and Leptospirosis. Exposure occurs by inhaling contaminated dust or contact with skin, eyes, or mouth. Leaving feces unaddressed risks serious illness.

Ongoing Noise Nuisances

Nocturnal movement of squirrels through walls and ceilings creates relentless noise – scratching, thumping, squeaking – keeping you awake nightly. Nesting mothers also emit constant high-pitched chirping well audible through floors and ceilings.

Don’t resign yourself to living with attic squirrels. The health hazards and property damage only worsen over time. Take action promptly. Professional removal solves the issue safely and permanently.