How Long Does It Take for a Professional to Remove Squirrels?

A thorough squirrel removal job by professional pest control technicians generally spans 2 to 3 days:

Day 1: Inspection and Installing Exclusion Devices

The first appointment involves meticulously inspecting the property to locate all possible entry and exit points. Technicians then install one-way exclusion devices into the primary openings. These allow squirrels to leave but not re-enter.

Day 2: Sealing Entry Points

After giving squirrels ample time to leave naturally through the exclusion devices, the specialists plug major entryways with steel mesh, concrete, heavy-duty sealant, or other durable materials. Smaller gaps get copper wool or additional one-way devices.

Day 3: Trapping and Final Cleanup

Live traps baited with peanut butter and fruit trap any stragglers still inside. Once squirrel presence is fully eliminated, the final step is safely removing all contaminated nesting debris and feces and sanitizing affected areas. Any needed repairs can begin.

Bigger Jobs Take Longer

More extensive infestations with abundant entry points and more attic damage understandably require additional days to remedy. It takes patience and diligence to find every gap being exploited in larger homes. Rushing the process risks missing key areas, resulting in squirrels returning quickly.

Additionally, if juvenile squirrels are present, humane removal technicians will delay active trapping until the young mature enough to survive on their own. This ensures parents can continue caring for dependent offspring.

For severe cases with extreme hoard-like conditions and major structural damage, squirrel removal may take over a week to complete fully. But this diligent approach achieves permanent and complete eradication the first time. The last thing anyone wants is solving nothing in the long run by rushing. Trust your technician’s timeline.

Why Quick Fixes Don’t Work

Attempting shortcut DIY solutions like sealing just visible holes with foam or trapping a few squirrels rarely succeeds in the long-term. Squirrels are incredibly persistent. To prevent re-infestation, every possible gap must be addressed. Their excellent climbing and gnawing abilities require heavy-duty exclusion solutions.

Effective squirrel removal is a process, not a one-day job. But when done properly, you get reliable results providing peace of mind that the issue won’t be recurring anytime soon.