How Professionals Humanely Remove Raccoons

Removing raccoons from your home takes experience and finesse to handle the situation humanely for both the animals and your family. Here is how professional raccoon removal technicians safely complete the job:

– Humane Trapping – Reputable companies use mild tranquilizer bait or live cage traps to capture raccoons without harm. Traumatizing them increases the risk of bites and scratches.

– Preventing Orphaned Young – Professionals time trapping to avoid separating dependent baby raccoons from parents. If orphaned young are found, they are taken to licensed wildlife rehabilitators.

– Thorough Inspection – Technicians methodically search for any additional raccoons before sealing up entry points. The goal is full removal.

– Proper Exclusion Methods – One-way doors allow raccoons to exit but not re-enter during trapping. All possible entryways then get sealed using steel mesh, concrete, durable sealants and other impenetrable barriers.

– Cleanup and Repairs – Feces, urine, nesting materials and other contamination gets remediated. Damage from chewing, clawing and burrowing also gets repaired.

– Humane Relocation – Captured raccoons get transported to rural areas with shelter and away from roads and human contact. They are never released at other residential sites.

Trust professional raccoon removers to solve the issue humanely and permanently without orphaning young or making raccoons someone else’s problem. Their methods protect all involved.