Signs You Need Professional Raccoon Removal

Dealing with a raccoon infestation yourself often does more harm than good. Look for these signs it’s time to hire professional raccoon removal experts:

– Strange noises at night – Raccoons are nocturnal and make pitter-patter sounds moving through attics or walls. Chattering and scratching noises indicate an active nest.

– Damaged beams, insulation, or walls – They gnaw wood and tear up insulation to build dens. Watch for chewed holes or claw marks around possible entry points.

– Garbage strewn outdoors – Overturned trash cans signal raccoons scavenging on your property and attempting to enter your home for shelter.

– Pet food disappearing – Raccoons stealing dog food or getting into unsecure pet dishes is a red flag, as they become bold around continual food sources.

– Odor problems – Raccoon urine and feces cause powerful, unpleasant odors around their nesting areas. The stench is hard to eliminate.

– Sightings on the property – If you spot raccoons on your roof, deck, or lawn, assume they have already accessed your attic or walls.

Don’t delay calling in professional raccoon control at the first signs of infestation. The longer their presence goes unchecked, the greater the property damage, contamination, and risks to your family’s health and safety. Only professional remediation techniques will permanently evict raccoons and seal up their entryways.