Top 5 Ways Professionals Seal Entry Points Against Raccoons

Sealing up all possible raccoon entryways is crucial after removing current invaders from your home. Here are the top methods professionals use to fortify your home:

1. 1/4 Inch Galvanized Steel Mesh – Metal mesh blocks entry through holes while allowing light and air flow.

2. Concrete, Cinder Blocks, or Wood – These durable materials withstand gnawing on vulnerable areas.

3. High-Grade Caulk and Sealants – Sealing cracks and gaps along joints, eaves and vents seals out raccoons.

4. Flashing on Roofs and Chimneys – Non-rusting metal flashing on roof joints, chimney bases, and valleys keeps raccoons from lifting shingles.

5. Tree Branch Removal – Trimming back overhanging trees removes access to roofs and upper levels. Less mature trees may need complete removal.

In addition to sealing, tidiness deters raccoons. Professionals recommend: clearing debris against foundations, securing lids on garbage cans, removing pet and animal feed at night, and properly containing compost piles. With diligence and persistence, a home can be fortified against the craftiness of raccoons. Don’t get complacent once they are removed – staying vigilant is key.