Why DIY Raccoon Removal is High Risk

Understandably, calling professional raccoon removal services costs more upfront than taking matters into your own hands. However, well-meaning DIY attempts frequently fail or exacerbate issues. Here are the top risks:

Disease Hazards – Raccoon feces carry dangerous bacteria and parasites transmissible through mucous membranes. DIYers lack proper protective gear and protocol.

Ineffective Trapping – Amateur trapping often misses raccoons or causes injury, especially to young. And it doesn’t solve the source issue of entry points.

Improper Exclusion – Lacking professional equipment, DIY sealing leaves overlooked gaps for persistent raccoons to exploit and return.

Ethical Concerns – Relocating raccoons without preparation risks spreading disease or having them starve. Releasing them onto other properties passes the problem off.

Safety Issues – Agitated raccoons frequently bite and scratch. Their sharp teeth pose infection risks requiring medical care.

Save yourself the health hazards and aggravation. Well-meaning DIY removal seems cheaper but allows the destruction to continue. Calling reputable professionals once provides a complete solution you can rely on. Don’t play guessing games with trial-and-error DIY attempts – let the experts handle it.